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About Me

A small-town southern gal, based in Minneapolis, my career as a freelance photographer and photojournalist is driven by a fervent passion to unveil fresh perspectives of our world.

From the moment I grasped my first DSLR camera, I’ve been captivated. My goal is to encapsulate pure emotion in my photographs, transporting the viewer right into the scene. My lens focuses on a diverse array of subjects, from serene landscapes to vibrant family gatherings, spirited children, dynamic events, and electrifying concerts. I have a knack for distilling the quintessence of each instant, discovering the remarkable within the mundane.

My artistic journey constantly seeks new avenues of expression, and as an aficionado of rock music, I naturally gravitate towards concert photography. Amidst the energy of the crowd, I’m at home in the front lines of the pit. My portfolio chronicles tours with legendary rock icons such as George Lynch, Judas Priest, Billy Idol, Slaughter, Vince Neil, and Rick Springfield, to name a few.

I am dedicated to expanding the horizons of my craft, aiming to seize those legendary moments that truly encapsulate the essence of the artists, the audience, and the unique ambiance of each event. My contributions to All Music Magazine and my published works, including features in Guitar Magazine and the cover photo for George Lynch’s 2021 solo album, stand as testaments to my pursuit.

Among my clientele are esteemed names like Morley Pedals, Rat Pak Records, Two Notes Audio, and several others.

"In essence, I don’t just capture images; I capture emotions."



“Through the Aperture of Advocacy:

My mission is to harness the transformative power of photojournalism to illuminate the untold stories that shape our world. I am dedicated to being a voice for the voiceless, a beacon of truth in a sea of narratives. By bringing stories to life and life to stories, I aim to inspire change and foster a deeper understanding of the human condition. My lens is not just a tool but a witness to the resilience and diversity of life, capturing moments that advocate for a more informed, compassionate, and connected world.”


“Envisioning a World Captured Through Compassionate Lenses:

My vision is to be the vanguard of photojournalism that not only captures but also celebrates the myriad hues of humanity. I aspire to craft a mosaic of images that advocate for truth and justice, bringing to light the stories that need to be told. In every frame, I seek to stir the conscience, evoke empathy, and ignite a dialogue.

My camera is our quill, writing visual sonnets that resonate with advocacy and hope, striving to bring life to stories and stories to life, one snapshot at a time.”

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